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The Second Mediterranean Biennale will offer an alternative platform laying emphasis on the local processes occurring in the area and their cultural influences. The political riots taking place in Tunisia, Egypt, Syria, Bahrein, Libya, North Africa and the countries of the Middle East raise questions with regard to the changes occurring in the region that have created political, social, economic and cultural upheavals. The Second Mediterranean Biennale relates to these changes and will examine the new reality through art. RE-ORIENTATION, the subject of the Biennale, connects the concept of “Orient” with that of “new direction”. It has the aim of holding a discussion with the concept of the “East” by referring to the cultural conflict with the “West” within the context of the changes that are happening today. The concept of RE-ORIENTATION constitutes a striving to find new expressions that would provide a direction to the possible attainment of a discourse on the subject of the “East” and its influence on the daily life in our region, with the aim of possibly creating an original local culture drawing its inspiration from the surroundings. It also gives rise to a discussion and reference to issues of identity, place, time, and individualism in an age of global culture while engaging in a critical overview of the issues of place, personal identity, originality, and local culture.